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Last week we reported on the increasingly popular makeup trend called “strobing.” This is the technique of highlighting your face with a shimmery powder or cream for a dewy and healthy glow, all together ditching the contouring process.


We’ve put together this handy strobing infographic to help you perfect this trendy technique!


Strobing really can be this simple! Here are some more tips on how to strobe:


First you’ll need to pick your strobing product, which could be a powder or a cream (or both!) and apply it where light would naturally hit your face

Tools for powder: Use a fan brush or fluffy brush for your cheekbones, forehead, and chin, and use a smaller brush for your brow bone, the inner corner of the eyes, your nose, and cupid’s bow

Tools for cream: Apply with a foundation or concealer brush (depending on where you’re applying it) and blend it with your favorite makeup sponge

Strobing doesn’t have to be a “one size fits all” technique! Try out what works for your face and what doesn’t

If you still want a chiselled look while glowing at the same time, who says you can’t do a light contour as well?

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How to Strobe Infographic



attribution to with the above graphic.

Strobing is the opposite of the contouring.

While in the contouring its based mainly with the use of  darker tones  than skin tone makeup  to sculpt the features and define the face while in strobing its just the use of the illuminators and highlighters on specific area the diagram below states clearly how to.

The objective is strobing you apply on the forward parts not the sides parts of the face  like forehead, cheeks, nose and chin its  mainly to give a glowing skin effect. In fact  many women have joined this makeup routine.

Highlighters and  illuminators comes in many different form from cream to liquid, powder to stick designs, hence when when properly used it gives the extra dewy appearance bright and glowing effect.

Difference on Contouring and strobbing by Sabrina Ryan,

A touch of beauty makeup artistry.

Tell us! What do you think of this strobing makeup trend? Do you love it or hate it? Leave a comment below!


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