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  • Definitely book early for all your wedding day services including makeup and hair. Brides are booking as far as 18 months in advance. Check availability for your wedding date when you ‘request a quote’.

  • Gently exfoliate dry lips with a soft toothbrush – after brushing your teeth in the shower rinse your brush and gently brush over the lips to remove any loose dry skin. Apply Lip conditioner daily.

  • Exfoliate your face weekly to remove dead skin cells on your face. Again, this is easiest done in the shower – when your conditioner is in your hair quickly scrub your face concentrating around your nose and forehead. Apply a generous amount of moisturiser straight afterwards.

  • If considering a spray tan – opt for a ‘caramel’ based colour rather than a ‘golden’ base which can often look orange if over-applied. Ensure you moisturise any dry areas such as ankles, elbows and knees the day before having a spray tan as the colour will tend to ‘grab’ more in the drier areas. Airbrush makeup is especially good for blending your face in with your spray tan.
  • Ensure you wear a buttoned front shirt when having hair and makeup done on your wedding day so you are not having to lift anything over your head. If having airbrush makeup done, a strapless ‘boob tube’ top is ideal to allow for the décolletage area to be sprayed.

  • Opt for Airbrush Makeup to cover strap marks in your suntan
  • This may seem like a strange point, but don’t forget to plan some lunch or a substantial snack when getting ready on your wedding day. With all the excitement preparing for the wedding often brides forget to actually eat and drink prior to the ceremony and it can be quite some time before getting a meal. Make sure you are fully hydrated with plenty of water during the preparation time and visit the loo before putting the dress on. This can help avoid some interesting moments later on especially for brides wearing full gowns when nature calls!
  • On the wedding day we advice you to please switch off your phones and enjoy the makeup artist dolling you up its a luxury and relaxing experience your 'ME WOW TIME' no chewing no eating when makeup is being done we dont want lines and food accidents to happen and we dont want you to be late to the reception. Remember to trust your makeup artist and dont take friends or family members advice who are not professional and dont know anything about makeup application and its process no offence it hinders and consumes more time and we wont come up with the perfect results that you are looking for on your wedding day.
  •  Let the Professional do there work and no mirrors till the end. Once you have done your trial you will understand the process and it will be a faster process and you will make a happy glowing beautiful memorable bride.

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