Questions on Makeup.

Makeup FAQs.

▶ What brand and type of makeup do you use? Do you use mineral makeup?

Professional makeup design for great photos and long lasting

Our kits has finest high definition, premium quality products used in Hollywood, on film sets, on celebrities and the red carpet. I can confidently create flawless, high definition looks using the latest tricks and techniques even with a budget friendly cosmetics.

We have 2 magic Aibrushing wands.

1.Dinair Airbrush: Below are the foundations options for natural to paramedical to tattoo cover.

2. Airbrush is Silicone Based Airbrush by Element 2 for those who are not allergic to silicon and want dewy finish.

*Traditional makeup we use the below product:

Ben Nye HD Media Pro Foundations.

Pro RCMA foundations and Contour

The makeup foundation Lime Lilly safe for sensitive skin vegan cruelty free Pro Pallets full set.

Illamasqua foundation range that is undetectable in professional HD environment. Suitable for all skin types, it smooths, softens and conditions your skin whilst providing natural, buildable coverage. The Ultimate 'Skin Realism' Foundation plus tits and bits of High ends brands like Mac, Lancôme, Urban Decay, Elizabeth Arden etc.

We highly recommend trials for the bride as this will give us more details on skin type and condition plus what to expect and advice. Below are the e.g. of the foundations used in Airbrush.

*We use airbrush foundations and professional makeup artists foundations and we do cater for sensitive skin or request on vegan, cruelty free makeup too the foundations used gives a beautiful finish result long lasting from a light natural coverage to a full coverage and some are able to deal birth marks, pimples and even acne rosacea.

We cater for all different sort of skin types from light to the dark skin tones we recommend you to let us know your requirements.

*As for mineral makeup this is fine for everyday wear however definitely not for photographic makeup. Mineral makeup consists of, amongst other ingredients, Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide these are the major ingredients in everyday makeup which are to be avoided due to the way they flare against the photographers flash resulting in a white face.

▶ How long does it take to do makeup on the wedding day?

When working out timings for your wedding day we would usually ask what time your photographer wants you by and then work back from there allowing enough time to get dressed, etc. It will also depend on whether you use a mobile hairdresser (recommended) or are going to a salon. We allow 45 minutes per face although it usually takes between 30 – 40 minutes each person. We prefer to have some extra time up our sleeve in the event that there is a hold up somewhere or someone would like something changed. With this timing we have never had an occasion where we have run late.

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is the application in which the foundation is applied. The makeup is put on via an airbrush gun in a very fine mist which gives a beautiful fine grained and polished finish. Airbrush makeup is great for all skin types but especially great for blemishes and problem skin as well as brides wearing a strapless dress who like a soft spray across the décolletage area. Airbrush makeup is fast becoming the preferred makeup application for not only the bridal industry but through all fashion and beauty media.

▶ Should I wax my eyebrows?

ABSOLUTELY! This is the most underrated beauty essential! We suggest to all our brides that even if they are never going to wax again do it for your wedding day. You can still maintain the same natural shape however having a wax, as opposed to simply plucking your eyebrows, removes the light blonde hairs that you normally would not see until you start using eye shadow. Waxing not only clears away any unwanted hairs but also gives a nice clean finish for makeup to cling to, as well as opening up the whole eye area and making more room for your eye design. We advice to do it atlist 2/3 days before your wedding date not on the wedding day.

▶ Will my makeup last all day? What if I sweat in the humid weather?

Your makeup will last all day with virtually no touch ups! Bridal makeup has huge demands placed on it – it needs to last up to 12 hours or longer without budging; needs to look great up close but also photograph well; it needs to resist the humid weather; and be as fuss-free as possible. Because of this, bridal makeup tends to be more on the matte side as this generally lasts the longest. It will be powdered to not only aid in the longevity but also to absorb sweat throughout the day. Any excess sweat should simply bead on top of the makeup which can be dabbed away without moving the makeup. For extra protection you may wish to have a blotting powder on hand to keep your makeup fresh. Visit the for a great loose setting powder. As far as eye makeup is concerned  we prefer to use more cake eyeliners around the eye instead of pencil or liquid liners. Pencil liners contain oil and wax which when warmed to the body’s temperature of 37 degrees can start to smudge. Cake eyeliners have no oil and wax and therefore do not move on your body and a waterproof mascara too. The only area you may need to touch up is your lips. More on that later we can advice our brides to have in hand a lipstick for touch ups or a lip stains that can be brought on our website on the shop online link.

▶ Will my makeup be okay for both colour and black and white photos?

This is a good question as makeup for colour photography may not necessarily be suitable for black and white photos. It is important for your makeup artist to get the right colours on you so that you photograph well in both formats. Pale lips and eye shadows may look great in colour photos but can look nude or disappear in black and whites. Very dark red lips may also look fine in colour photos but can end up looking black and gothic in black and white photos. The trick is to get colours that will photograph well regardless of your photo types as well as complementing the brides overall skin tone and wedding theme.

▶ Do you recommend wearing false eye lashes on my wedding day?

False eye lashes look gorgeous and can certainly be added if the bride requests for her wedding day. We can provide the strip lashes for an additional $15.00 per set we have different choices from natural to thick ones or we can apply yours at no extra cost. We do however usually ask brides if they have ever worn them If you are considering wearing false eyelashes then we suggest you try wearing them for a 12 hour period prior to your wedding day  perhaps to work or somewhere where you are busy, to see how you go with them so you can get used to them and wearing them but if its for the first time on your wedding day its definitely not recommended. The false eyelashes go on with a cosmetic adhesive glue which can give you the sensation of something sitting on your lashes. This can be a little irritating causing you to blink and can even make your eyes water. Some brides end up pulling them off if they become too irritating but are still left with a bit of glue residue which can also have the same effect. False lashes are worth considering for the effect, but definitely not without having a test run prior. A few good coats of mascara can often give you just as good a result without the hassle.

▶ What about lipsticks? Do I need to buy my own?

We carry a large range of lipsticks with us of which we are sure one will suit. We do suggest that you get a sealable lip brush and we can give you a scraping of the lipstick used for your touch-ups later. We often have brides who decide to actually purchase their own lipstick which is fine, or they may have a favourite one themselves already that they would prefer to use. Visit our online shop for a great range of lipsticks, lip glosses.

▶ Will my makeup run if I cry?

This is always a tricky question because you will have waterproof mascara on and your foundation will be water resistant, however you will also be wearing powder and powdered eye shadows. What we usually suggest to brides is if you are going to cry, simply wrap a tissue around your finger and catch the tears close to your eye before they fall and this will not disturb your makeup. If you let tears run down your face or, heaven forbid, rub your eyes, then of course you will end up a bit of a mess. Ask us in person about this and we will demonstrate it for you.

▶ My mum doesn’t like to wear much makeup can you still do her makeup without making her look overdone?

Absolutely! Believe it or not it does take the same amount of work to achieve a natural look, however she will not be overdone. We always check with every mum how much makeup she is comfortable with wearing and what colours she would like. Most are happy to have any redness counteracted as well as to have their eyes defined without being too heavy. If your mum is anything like ours, she can’t see up close to do her eye makeup once taking off her glasses so it is a nice treat for mums to have their makeup done professionally.

▶ Do I need any special products to carry with me on the day?

Many brides choose to purchase their own lipstick or lip gloss for touch-ups as well as an invisible blotting powder for the day however these are not essential. Invisible blotting powder is ideal for hot, humid conditions or for brides with oily skin who want to maintain a matte, shine free finish. 

▶ Can you cover tattoos? 
Yes we can cover tattoos by using the Dinair Airbrush foundation this are the features and benefits of it below.Just request when you want a qoute and please specify how big so we can give you a price on how much product need to cover the area. 
Dinair Maximum Coverage Colair™ Xtreme
Medium to complete opaque coverage
Match, correct and conceal
Lasts 48+ hours
Covers Tattoos, Vitiligo, sun spots, scars, birth marks
Primer for oil-prone skin
Matte finish
Water based.
Suitable for sensitive skin.

▶ Can you make me look like the brides in the magazines?
Well yes and no! If we compare apples with apples we will get very close. What we need to understand is what exactly makes that picture in the magazine so great: 60% is the fantastic lighting, 30% is the makeup and 10% is the touch up person on the computer afterwards removing any imperfections plus any photo effects added. We need to be realistic and realise that if the model in the magazine was put in everyday lighting without any computer touch-ups, they will look very much like the bride next door. The other things we need to take into consideration when looking at models in bridal magazine is that:
a) They are models.
b) They were probably hand-picked because of absolutely perfect skin, bone structure, balanced space around their eyes, full lips and perfectly shaped eyebrows. 
c) The model is probably only in her late teens or very early 20’s to sum up let’s be realistic. 
We don’t promise you will look like the magazine models but we will try our best to implement the look and work according to your face features that you are blessed with and make you look stunning on your big day and give you professional advice if the colours chosen will suit you best or not.

  • Definitely book early for all your wedding day services including makeup and hair. Brides are booking as far as 18 months in advance. Check availability for your wedding date when you ‘request a quote’.
  • Gently exfoliate dry lips with a soft toothbrush – after brushing your teeth in the shower rinse your brush and gently brush over the lips to remove any loose dry skin. Apply Lip conditioner daily.
  • Exfoliate your face weekly to remove dead skin cells on your face. Again, this is easiest done in the shower – when your conditioner is in your hair quickly scrub your face concentrating around your nose and forehead. Apply a generous amount of moisturiser straight afterwards.
  • If considering a spray tan – opt for a ‘caramel’ based colour rather than a ‘golden’ base which can often look orange if over-applied. Ensure you moisturise any dry areas such as ankles, elbows and knees the day before having a spray tan as the colour will tend to ‘grab’ more in the drier areas. Airbrush makeup is especially good for blending your face in with your spray tan.
  • Ensure you wear a buttoned front shirt when having hair and makeup done on your wedding day so you are  not having to lift anything over your head. If having airbrush makeup done, a strapless ‘boob tube’ top is ideal to allow for the décolletage area to be sprayed.
  • Opt for Airbrush Makeup to cover strap marks in your suntan
  • This may seem like a strange point, but don’t forget to plan some lunch or a substantial snack when getting ready on your wedding day. With all the excitement preparing for the wedding often brides forget to actually eat and drink prior to the ceremony and it can be quite some time before getting a meal. Make sure you are fully hydrated with plenty of water during the preparation time and visit the loo before putting the dress on. This can help avoid some interesting moments later on especially for brides wearing full gowns when nature calls!
  • On the wedding day we advice you to  please switch off your phones and enjoy the makeup artist  dolling you up its a luxury and relaxing experience your 'ME WOW TIME' no chewing no eating when makeup is being done we dont want lines and food accidents to happen and we dont want you to be late to the reception. Remember to trust your makeup artist and dont take friends or family members advice who are not professional and dont know anything about makeup application and its process no offence it hinders and consumes more time and we wont come up with the perfect results that you are looking for on your wedding day. Let the Professional do there work and no mirrors till the end. Once you have done your trial you will understand the process and it will be a faster process and you will make a happy glowing beautiful memorable bride.

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Questions on Henna Art.

  • What Is Henna?  

Henna was used since ancient times, has many names. Some are Mehendi (Hindi), ‘Lawsonia inermis’ (Latin), ‘Henna’ (Arabic), ‘Mardani’ (Tamil), ‘Gorianta’ (Telugu). The dyeing capacity of the Henna produced around Yemen in gulf region is the best in the world because of its arid conditions and the region having only natural irrigation through rainfall in all its history. The selected Henna Leaves are collected right from the farmers. Then, the leaves are cleaned of twigs and dust and then crushed and pulverized into powder. After sieving, it is packed in consumer packing of varying sizes. The henna being a pure natural product, can be safely used for dyeing and conditioning hair. Being natural, its darkness varies from season to season. Also due to difference in an individual’s body chemistry, deepness of the colour varies from person to person. Henna has only one natural colour, don’t use different-coloured Henna as it contains harmful chemicals, like PPD, which cause Eczema, Sleeping Disorders and Skin Cancer. Any Oil like Coconut, Olive, Mustard or Vegetable Oil can be applied after removing Henna paste from skin or hair.

  • How Long does the paste takes to dry and how long does it stay ? 

Leave it on at least 20-30 min and my advice is to let the paste stay longer as much as possible for color to develop  more then scrap the paste out and put oil on the body, henna lasts up-to 8-10 days then exfoliates away naturally. However the staying and color development depends skin to skin and temperature some skin tend to get darker henna than others this is due to many reasons some have oily skins that some skin exfoliates faster than others some love to use water or body butters and use of lotions alot or sweat alot and some tend to have thick skin. So dont get upset if the colors dont get to darker on your and your friends is more darker. Its all about experimenting and enjoying the application and design.

  • Do you do Henna Parties for kids too? 

Yes i do as long there is a contract signed by the Guardians or School or community that wants my service.

Check out Buzzfeed youtube video explaining the process and the out come enjoy! Copy paste to a new page for you to view the link if it wont open when you click on it

  • Can i use the premade cones henna sold on here for eyebrow tattooing or dye my hair ? 

No we dont advice you to use our home made pre made henna cones for hair or for eyebrows its designed only for body arts not for dying even if you want to use it to dye just the skin on eyebrows we highly do not recommend because it has Eucalptus oil thats can cause eye irritation. We advice all our customers to do a patch test on there skin if they want to do body arts even though it says all natural ingredients used. People are different we can try to be safe but still people have allergies on peanuts and strawberries even lavenders we cant control how our body reacts. Just try to be safe than sorry especially if you know you are very sensitive skin.

If you want to henna for conditioning or dying your hair we do sell the henna powder write us a request and we will give you the details.

FAQ'S On Bookings, Payments and Professional service.


Final payment is required to be paid in full prior to the event. Short notices booking that are less than 14 days prior to the event have to pay in full upon confirmation of booking.

Payments can be made in person with cash (correct change required), Eftpos (master card and visa card only). Electronic via PayPal or direct deposit. Or over the phone (master card and visa card only).


You can kindly contact us at and we will provide you with a price-list and quote based on your requirement.


Reschedule for Trial Make Up and Hair is allowed 14 days prior to the trial date, but subject to alternate date availability. Wedding day make up and hair date are not allowed to be changed, once confirmation of booking and deposit paid to secure the date.


Cancellation is not allowed once client have decided and confirmed the date with deposit paid. In the event a cancellation occurs, the client understand that the amount % for service ( That could be Bridal makeup, special events or Commercial makeup and hair.) initial deposit will be forfeited as a compensation for the artist time as well as the loss of opportunity to secure an alternate job by blocking the date for the specific client who booked.


Payments can be made in person with cash (correct change required), Eftpos (master card and visa card only). Electronic via PayPal or direct deposit. Or over the phone (master card and visa card only).Payment via Paypal is available, with a 3% surcharge.


All bookings require a small deposit that is  non-refundable deposit to be paid upon confirmation of booking. Short notice bookings for jobs within 14 days prior to the date require full non-refundable payment upon confirmation of booking.

Note: Booking is only confirmed upon receiving deposit payment; verbal confirmation is not considered as confirmation.


For further information regarding our services you can kindly contact us at


Please bring with you any reference pictures of hair and makeup looks that you like, along with any fabric swatches, pictures of bouquets or jewellery plus any hair pieces, veils or other items you feel may be helpful in the trial process.


To prepare for your trial, please wash your hair the night prior and come to the trial with a clean face without any product on it, (even moisturiser). This will ensure best results are obtained.

For more information or inquiries do not hesitate call me or email me or facebook chat with me.

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